Ecolab selling its surgical solutions business for $950M

Ecolab has entered into a “definitive agreement” to sell its surgical solutions business to medical supply company Medline. The acquisition will expand Medline’s supply chain capabilities, providing the company with access to sterile drape equipment for surgeons and patients, as well as Ecolab’s proprietary fluid temperature management system. 

According to a finance report from Ecolab, the surgical division is being purchased for $950 million. Ecolab said the division earned more than $400 million in sales globally in 2023. 

In a statement, Medline’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Jim Pigott, said the company is “pleased to have the opportunity to acquire a leading portfolio of operating room products with such a strong reputation for protecting patients and healthcare workers.”

It’s unclear what the full changeover will look like, but Pigott said Medline will be onboarding Ecolab employees.

“We look forward to welcoming Ecolab surgical solutions team members to the Medline family and together continuing to serve our customers with innovation, quality, and a shared focus on making healthcare run better,” he said. 

The purchase encompasses the entire portfolio of products from Ecolab’s Microtek Medical line, which includes a variety of common hospital sanitation and personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. 

The sale will not become official once it’s approved by regulators.

Chad Van Alstin Health Imaging Health Exec

Chad is an award-winning writer and editor with over 15 years of experience working in media. He has a decade-long professional background in healthcare, working as a writer and in public relations.

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