Large language models GenAI

Budgeting for generative AI in healthcare has skyrocketed, albeit in pockets, by as much as 300% year over year. 

FDA Recall

Medtronic brand SonarMed airway monitors and acoustic sensors are being recalled due to a risk of breathing obstruction and lung tissue damage.

doctor's open hand waiting for a payment

U.S. physicians often receive payments from medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. New research in JAMA found a connection between receiving such payments and using specific devices—should the industry be concerned? 

Former managers of a Tampa Florida-based radiology company Advanced Diagnostic Group (ADG) and its employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) retirement benefit manager GreatBanc Trust Co. will pay $19 million to settle a class action lawsuit. The suit alleges they allowed the ESOP’s value to be diverted to managers, directors and their shell companies and away from employee participants. money gavel court lawsuit legal judge judgement

The litigation stems from a 2023 recall of CPAP machines and ventilators that caused users to inhale pieces of foam during use. The faulty units were linked to at least 561 deaths.

Healthcare leaders around the U.S. might want to take notice of what’s going on in the streets of San Francisco this week.

The move will bring together 24 representatives—12 from each party—who will work to stimulate American AI innovation while mitigating AI-related threats.  

Generative AI of the “large language” kind has been an attention hog over the past 10 or 11 months. The buzz has been so loud and constant that it’s all but asking to be dismissed as hype.