UnitedHealth CEO Andrew Witty told the Senate Finance Committee that systems have been rebuilt “from scratch” in light of the oversight.

Comparing all 50 states on 20 metrics of job satisfaction for nurses, WalletHub has landed on a familiar favorite for the top spot.

Hologic has agreed to buy Endomag, a privately held breast cancer surgery company in the U.K.

All 51 of Walmart’s care centers are closing; however, they will remain open as patients are transitioned to other providers.

Healthcare leaders around the U.S. might want to take notice of what’s going on in the streets of San Francisco this week.

The move will bring together 24 representatives—12 from each party—who will work to stimulate American AI innovation while mitigating AI-related threats.  

Generative AI of the “large language” kind has been an attention hog over the past 10 or 11 months. The buzz has been so loud and constant that it’s all but asking to be dismissed as hype.